Programma-, project- & transitiemanagement

Since 2000 Martens Management executes programs and projects at the domain of the client. Our missions happen to know many challenges when it comes to knowhow and specific knowledge. Over the last years we have specialized ourselves to the Agile/Scrum-methodiek.

If needed we can also execute, after doing an inventory, a (IT-)project based on  results with or without your staff. Such projects can dispatch especially complex dossiers.

We are specialized in projects:
- with Certified Scrum Masters
- with Certified Product Owners
- with compliance-issues
- based on special products or project.

Please feel free to contact us.

Valse start: de rol als Product Owner en Sr. Projectleider in één en dezelfde persoon/wereld.

04 November 2016

De heer Martens zet uiteen waarom een projectleider en product owner niet binnen hetzelfde......


Moederbedrijf Martens Management heeft sinds februari 2016 een eigen website

16 February 2016

Martens Management BV breidt zijn diensten uit en evolueert samen met de snelle veranderingen in de......